Welded Wire Fence and Livestock Panels Used in Many Areas

The spacing between horizontal wires of 358 security mesh is smaller than a man's finger.

356/358 High Security Fence

356/358 high security fence with finger/toe-proof aperture is designed to protect your property and people from vandalism and intruders.

Heavy duty 358 mesh with double vertical wires.

Heavy-duty 358 Security Fence

Heavy-duty 358 security fence with double vertical wire shows outstanding resistance against vandalism and widely used in security places.

338 security fence along railway is difficult to climb over.

338 High Security Fence

338 high security fence with smaller aperture than 358 security mesh, is designed for areas where safety and restriction is extremely needed.

Industrial 3510 security fence around a chemical industry.

3510 Security Fence

3510 medium security fence fabricated by 3 mm steel wire and with finger-proof aperture can resist any climbing or penetrating actions.

Double wire high security fence features rigidity.

Double Wire Security Fence

Double wire security fence is a popular perimeter fencing featuring rigidity structure, low visual impact and appealing looks.

Green vinyl-coated single wire fence with folds is a good selection of perimeter fencing.

Single Welded Wire Fence

Single welded wire fence with larger aperture and V-shaped profile, is ideal for schools, parks, residential areas where security is not highly required.

White vinyl-coated roll top fencing for a business area.

Roll Top Fencing

Roll top welded wire fencing is an attractive perimeter fencing for the garden, yard, school and houses for its safe top design and unique structure.

Black chain link fence for the backyard keeps the pets in.

Chain Link Security Fence

Chain link fence is the most popular metal fencing for its relatively economical cost, versatility, various grades and easy installation.

Temporary welded wire panels are easy to install on plastic stands.

Temporary Fence Panels

Welded wire temporary fence panels are suitable for crowd control, construction sites, public events and other applications where temporary barriers are need.

Triangle roll top welded wire fencing for garden is safe for your children but also attractive.

Welded Wire Garden Fence

Welded wire garden fence with roll top and bottom is a preferable open fencing for its appearance, durability and safety.

358 prison mesh with finger-proof spacing hard to climb over.

Prison Security Fencing

358 prison security perimeter fencing is a frequently-used fencing system for prisons. Its advantage is easy to install, effective in resisting intruders.

Black roll top fencing as swimming pool fence for a house.

Swimming Pool Fence

Swimming pool welded wire fence prevents unauthorized access and protects children or adults from drowning carelessly.

A cattle staying inside of cattle panel pen.

Welded Wire Cattle Panels

Cattle panels manufactured from 4 ga. or 6 ga. steel wire will not sag or break down by livestock impact. Galvanized before welding to eliminate sharp burrs.

Two white hogs standing inside hog panels pen.

Welded Wire Hog Panels

Hog panels with multiple horizontal wire spacing are used as livestock panel fencing, trellis, railing and garden fencing.

A boy standing in front of horse panel fence is leading a brown horse which is eating grass.

Welded Wire Horse Panels

Welded wire horse panels, manufactured with 4 or 6 ga. steel wire and 2" × 4" or 4" × 4" mesh size, are durable and safe for horses.

Galvanized steel angel rail for 358 security mesh.

Fence Rails

Fence rails used with high security fence are designed to protect the top and the bottom edge from cutting.

Galvanized barbed wire for security fencing.

Barb Wire

Barb wire is often installed above perimeter fencing for more security. Sharp barbs will cause injury to intruders and thefts.

Concertina razor wire makes 358 mesh safer.

Concertina Razor Wire

Concertina razor wire combined with barb wire is the most common top barrier of perimeter fencing for secure locations.

Flat wrap razor wire installed on the top of chain link fence resisting vandalism.

Flat Wrap Razor Wire

Flat wrap razor wire installed over or against high security perimeter fencing features neat and unobtrusive appearance but supplies more security.

This is a underground parking lot with steel wheel stop.

Steel Wheel Stops

Steel wheel stops with anti-rust, lightweight, high strength features can be used in roadside, indoor and outdoor parking lot, factory.

Steel traffic cylinder with chain in the roadside.

Steel Traffic Cylinder

Steel traffic cylinder is used in roadside, corner of road, entrance, lane, parking lot, community to remind vehicle and pedestrians of safety.