Versatile Cattle Panels - Livestock Pen, Trellis, Garden Fence

A cattle staying inside of cattle panel pen.
WCP-01: Livestock cattle panels.

Welded wire cattle panels are used to protect and contain the livestock in habitat. Manufactured from 4 ga. or 6 ga. steel wire, the tough and sturdy structure can withstand the weight of a livestock or impact when the livestock lean against or ram the panel fencing. Concerning about the safety of the animals, the vertical spacing from top to bottom gradually become narrower. Commonly, the vertical spacing of the bottom is 4 in. Another factor which will threaten the livestock is the process of galvanization. Our cattle panels are zinc-coated before welding. This will eliminate sharp burrs and provide smooth finish.

Apart from being fencing for cattle, hog, swine and goat, cattle panels can used as trellis, garden fencing or decking.

Product description:

  • Item: wire cattle panels.
  • Wire gauge: 1, 4 and 6.
  • Aperture: see Table - 1.
  • Height: 50, 52 and 60 inch.
  • Length: 16 ft.
  • Package: 25 or 50 panels/bundle.
  • Finish: hot-dip galvanized before welding.
Table - 1: Cattle Panels Specification
Item No. Wire gauge Height Length Vertical wire spacing Horizontal wire spacing Weight Panels/bundle
CP101 4 ga. 52" 16' 8" 1 × 4" and 8 × 6" 36 lbs. 50
CP102 4 ga. 50" 16' 8" 2 × 4" and 7 × 6" 36 lbs. 50
CP103 6 ga. 52" 16' 8" 1 × 4" and 8 × 6" 36 lbs. 50
CP104 6 ga. 50" 16' 8" 2 × 4" and 7 × 6" 36 lbs. 50

Features and benefits:

  • Galvanized before welding process.
  • No sharp burrs and smooth finish.
  • Versatile feedlot panels for cattle, goat, sheep or swine.
  • Available in various types of spacing for selection.
  • Also used as fencing for garden, deck, yard and trellis.
  • Sag resist and won't break down.

Typical applications:

4 ft. high cattle panel fencing for a garden.
WCP-02: Cattle panel garden fencing.
Black cattle panel used as vertical trellis on the wall.
WCP-03: Vertical cattle panel trellis.
Arch cattle panel trellis for a plant bed.
WCP-04: Arch cattle panel trellis.

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