Welded Wire Stair Fence Has Smooth Surface, High Strength, Lightweight

Stair fence is not only to prevent people from falling from the stairs accidentally, but also beauty the appearance of the stairs. Welded wire fence provides the perfect combination of visibility and security. High strength welded wire fence can resist the impact of the heavy things and crowded crowd, not easily deformed. Welded wire stair fence is easy to be cleaned. Welded wire stair fence will not be corroded by chemicals in the factory. We can observe the surrounding situation through welded wire stair fence to avoid being hit upstairs dropped objects. And welded wire stair fence is lightweight, it is easy to be handled and installed.

Applications of welded wire stair fence:

  • Outdoor stairs.
  • Indoor stairs.
  • Spiral staircase.
  • Stairs in factory.
  • Stairs in office building.
This is a stairs to the shop with welded wire stair fence.
SFC-1: Welded wire fence in outdoor stair.
This is a house with welded wire stair fence.
SFC-2: Welded wire fence in indoor stair.
This is a spiral staircase with welded wire stair fence.
SFC-3: Welded wire fence in spiral staircase.
This is factory stairs with welded wire stair fence.
SFC-4: Welded wire fence in factory stairs.
There is a stair with welded wire fence in the office building.
SFC-5: Welded wire stair fence in office building.
This is a coffee shop with welded wire stair fence.
SFC-6: Welded wire stair fence in coffee shop.


  • High strength, not easily deformed.
  • Smooth surface, easy to clean.
  • Corrosion-resistant, rust-resistant.
  • Lightweight, easy to handle and install.

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