Welded Wire Mesh for Factory Has Ventilation and High Strength Function

Welded wire mesh is mainly used to protect safety of machines and workers. Welded wire mesh has high strength, ventilation, breathable anti-corrosion, anti-wear function. So welded wire mesh is widely used as partition panels, machine protections, decking, shelf panels, storage cages in factory.

This is a corner of factory with welded wire partition panels.
WMF-1: Welded wire partition panels in factory.
A worker is checking the machine with welded wire machine protections.
WMF-2: Welded wire machine protections of factory.
This is welded wire shelf.
WMF-3: Welded wire shelf in factory.
Many goods on the shelf with welded wire panels.
WMF-4: Welded wire shelf panels of factory.
This is welded wire storage cages with many things in it.
WWMF-5: Welded wire storage cages in factory.
This is welded wire cages in a corner of factory.
WWMF-6: Welded wire cages of factory.

Applications of welded wire mesh:

  • Partition panels in factory.
  • Machine protections.
  • Shelf of factory.
  • Panels of shelf.
  • Storage cages.


  • Welded wire fence used in factory to protect safety of machine and workers.
  • High strength.
  • Anti-corrosion, anti-wear.
  • Ventilation, breathable.
  • Easy to install and clean.

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