Welded Wire Parking Lot Fence – High Strength, Wear and Sun Resistance

Parking lot fence is to prevent the vehicle from out of parking lot accidentally and separate the parking lot from other areas to avoid interaction. Welded wire fence can provide an excellent view to see the movements of other vehicles. Welded wire fence are not deformed by the impact of vehicle. PVC coating makes the welded wire parking lot fence more resistant to corrosion. It can prevent the impact of automobile exhaust and combustible mixture. So you do not need to carry out frequent maintenance, you can save a lot of costs. The structure of welded wire fence is simple and you can easily complete the installation.


  • Outdoor parking.
  • Underground parking lot.
  • Bicycle parking.
Many cars are parking on the outdoor parking lot with single welded wire fence.
PLF-1: Single welded wire fence for outdoor parking lot.
This is a outdoor parking lot with welded wire fence.
PLF-2: Green PVC coating welded wire fence for outdoor parking lot.
Many cars are parking on the underground parking lot.
PLF-3: Welded wire fence for underground parking lot.
This is a bicycle parking with welded wire fence.
PLF-4: Welded wire fence for bicycle parking.


  • Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, resistance to sun.
  • High strength, not easily deformed.
  • Ventilation, light transmission.
  • Simple structure, easy to install.

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