Welded Wire Port Fence Has Corrosion Resistance, High Security

The port is where you can park the vessel and transport the goods and personnel. Port fence is used to protect safety of vessel, goods and personnel. Welded wire fence with galvanized coating has good corrosion resistance, you do not have to worry that will be corroded by seawater. Whether it is in hot weather or cold weather, welded wire port fence can not be damaged. There are many people and goods passing through the port every day. Welded wire fence can protect safety of goods and people effectively. Welded wire port fence can not only play a safe role but also beautify the port.

This is port with welded wire fence at night.
PFE-1: Welded wire port fence.
This is welded wire port fence in the port.
PFE-2: Single welded wire port fence with green PVC coating.
This is welded wire door in the port.
PFE-3: Welded wire fence door in port.
This is welded wire fence with concertina razor wire in the port.
PFE-4: Welded wire port fence with concertina razor wire.

Applications of welded wire fence:

  • Port fence.
  • Port door.


  • Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, sun resistance.
  • High security, high strength.
  • Beautiful appearance.
  • Easy to install and maintain.

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