Welded Agricultural Fencing Has High Security, Corrosion Resistance

Agricultural fencing is used to divide the farmland and prevent the destruction of animals and humans. Some clumsy fence is so heavy that it is difficult to install. And it is easy to be corroded. Some small animals will be blocked in the fence outside, will not destroy the crops. Welded wire agricultural fencing is simple and lightweight, it is easy to install and maintain. Whether it is wind or sun, the welded wire agricultural fencing will not be corroded and damaged. If you are concerned about spending too much, you can safely choose the welded wire fence. Welded wire agricultural fencing can be used in farmland, vegetable land and orchard.

Applications of agricultural fencing:

  • Farmland.
  • Vegetable land.
  • Orchard.
This is welded wire agricultural fencing in farmland.
AF-1: Welded wire fence that it has cylindrical and rail in top in farmland.
This is corn field with single welded wire fence.
AF-2: Single welded wire fence in corn field.
This is a vegetable land with welded wire agricultural fencing.
AF-3: Galvanized welded wire fence with square hole in vegetable land.
This is a vegetable land with single welded wire fence.
AF-4: Single welded wire fence with green PVC coating in vegetable land.
This is a orchard with welded wire agricultural fencing as fence and door.
AF-5: Welded wire fence with green PVC coating in orchard.
The welded wire agricultural fencing separates the orchard from the farmland.
AF-6: Galvanized single welded wire fence in orchard.


  • High strength, high security.
  • Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, resistance to sun.
  • Ventilated, translucent.
  • Lightweight, easy to transport.
  • Simple structure, easy to install and maintain.

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