Steel Traffic Cylinder Protect Vehicles, pedestrians Safety at Night, Snow

Steel traffic cylinder is used to remind vehicle and pedestrians of safety. Due to eye-catching color and good crash performance, it plays a important role in the evening or rain and snow weather. Steel traffic cylinder can be used in corner of road, roadside, community, entrance, parking lot, lane.


  • Material: steel pipe
  • Surface treatment: galvanized, reflective film.
  • Color: yellow and black, red and white.
  • Specifications (mm)
    • 76 × 400 × 132
    • 76 × 600 × 132
    • 76 × 750 × 132
    • 89 × 750 × 155
    • 114 × 550 × 175
    • 114 × 600 × 175

Note: We can be customized according to customer needs.

There are eight different colors steel traffic cylinders.
SWC-1: Steel traffic cylinder has two colors: yellow and black, red and white.
There are six different types steel traffic cylinders.
SWC-2: Steel traffic cylinder with round head, a ring or two rings.


  • Steel traffic cylinder can be seen at night, rain and snow weather.
  • Good crash performance, not easy to damage.
  • Lightweight.
  • Anti-sun, no cracking, color do not change.
  • Easy to install and maintain.


  • Corner of the road.
  • Roadside.
  • Entrance.
  • Road of community.
  • Park.
  • Lane line.
  • Parking lot.
A row of steel traffic cylinder in corner of road.
SWC-3: Steel traffic cylinder in corner of road.
Steel traffic cylinder with chain in the roadside.
SWC-4: Steel traffic cylinder in roadside.
A car is passing through the entrance of theatre with steel traffic cylinder.
SWC-5: Steel traffic cylinder in entrance.
A row of steel traffic cylinder in road of community.
SWC-6: Steel traffic cylinder in community.
This is a parking lot with steel traffic cylinder in park.
SWC-7: Steel traffic cylinder in parking lot.
Two rows of traffic cylinder in lane line.
SWC-8: Steel traffic cylinder in lane.

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