Differences between Galvanization and Vinyl-coating

Metal fencing, whether woven chain-link fence or welded wire fence, is frequently applied in schools, governments, residential yards, commercial buildings or other locations for their easy installation, cost effectiveness as well as durability. There are a lot of factors to be considered before selection. They include fence height, aperture size, wire gauge and wire coating. Among these factors, proper wire coating is essential to protect your fence from harsh environment elements like humidity, sand, soil chemicals and acid rain.

There are two popular wire coating - galvanized and vinyl-coated. Their distinctive difference depends on that a vinyl-coating is sealed around the zinc-coated steel wire. Or the vinyl-coated wire should be first galvanized. Thus vinyl-coated wire mesh lasts longer than galvanized. Most galvanized fence lasts 15 to 20 years. However, vinyl coated fences tend to last longer for its extra protective coating.

Vinyl-coated chain link or welded wire fence is superior to galvanized not only in durability, but also in appearance. Zinc-coated fence tends to leave a industrial appearance, while vinyl-coated fence match well with the surroundings. The frequent color is black and green.

Although vinyl-coating has advantages in durability, and appearance, but it is a little more expensive than zinc-coating. You can select either coating according to your actual situation.

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