Welded Wire Playground Fence Has Smooth Surface, High Security

Playground fence is set in playground to protect safety of visitors. Nowadays, more and more children go to the playground. Welded wire playground fence has smooth surface, it can not hurt children. Due to anti-corrosion, anti-sun of welded wire playground fence, it does not need to be frequent maintenance. Welded wire playground fence is lightweight, it provide convenience for transport and install. Playground fence separate recreational facilities to avoid mutual influence.

Many people are riding a roller coaster with welded wire fence.
PF-1: Roller coaster welded wire fence.
This is roller coaster track with welded wire fence.
PF-2: Roller coaster fence.
This is a theme park with welded wire fence.
PF-3: Theme park welded wire fence.
This is a large playground with welded wire fence as wall.
PF-4: Welded wire playground fence.
This is a children's playground with single welded wire fence.
PF-5: Playground single welded wire fence.
A large children's playground is surrounded by welded wire fence.
PF-6: Children's playground welded wire fence.


  • High strength, high security.
  • Smooth surface, not easy to hurt people.
  • Anti-corrosion, anti-sunshine.
  • Lightweight, easy to transport.
  • Easy to install and maintain.

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