High Security Welded Wire Fencing Solutions for Your Property

Anping Xingyou Wiremesh Manufacturers Co., Ltd has been manufacturing and supplying welded wire fencing products to suit a wide variety of applications for 30 plus years. During the 30 plus years, our company has built its reputation on quality, reasonable price as well as reliable services. Our products have been exported to many countries and regions and are well respected throughout the fencing industry.

Welded wire fence, livestock panels and toppings for diverse uses.

What main products we supply?

  • Welded wire fence materials.
    Welded wire fence has a large family and can be used in diverse applications. Single wire welded fence and roll top fence are right for common uses including garden, swimming pool, school and yard. Double wire security fence is stronger and used for commercial applications. For security applications, 358, 338 and 3510 are used. They have finger-proof spacing and resist any climb-over.
  • Livestock panels.
    Livestock panels include cattle panels, hog panels, and horse panels. They are versatile and getting popular in house fencing, trellis, hoop houses.
  • Fence accessories and toppings.
    All accessories for installation are supplied. Toppings contain barb wire and razor wire. They are designed to add security and threaten the intruders away.

What differences between us and other suppliers in China?

  • Manufactured strictly according to ASTM, BS EN or AS standards.
  • Free solution for your fencing application.
  • One-stop fencing materials for diverse uses ranging from residential, commercial to high security locations.
  • Products get ineffective before warranty will be refunded.
Hot Products
The spacing between horizontal wires of 358 security mesh is smaller than a man's finger.

356/358 High Security Fence

356/358 high security fence with finger/toe-proof aperture is designed to protect your property and people from vandalism and intruders.

Heavy duty 358 mesh with double vertical wires.

Heavy-duty 358 Security Fence

Heavy-duty 358 security fence with double vertical wire shows outstanding resistance against vandalism and widely used in security places.

338 security fence along railway is difficult to climb over.

338 High Security Fence

338 high security fence with smaller aperture than 358 security mesh, is designed for areas where safety and restriction is extremely needed.

Industrial 3510 security fence around a chemical industry.

3510 Security Fence

3510 medium security fence fabricated by 3 mm steel wire and with finger-proof aperture can resist any climbing or penetrating actions.


Welded Wire Fence VS Chain Link Fence

As most popular steel fence, chain link fence or welded wire fence has several differences in structure, maintenance and security.

Which Wire Coating will Last the Longest?

There are two popular wire coating for woven or welded wire fence - zinc-coating and vinyl-coating. The latter has better durability and appearance.

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